William Joseph Green Johnson                   Asa "Boy" Johnson
Rebeca Washington Walker Moore Johnson         Mary Elizabeth Reeves
Johnson                                                           (Second wife- after
                                   of Samantha)

Melinda "Minnie" Caudle                             Temple Friend                         
Descendants of James Johnson

Names in the order they appear in the November 1927 Frontier Times
"The Scalping of Matilda Friend"

Uncle Frank Johnson - Francis John Johnson
Aunt Betsy - Elizabeth Townsend Johnson
John Friend
Matilda Friend
Jack Bradford
Doc Rile Walker
Dan Moore
Spence Townsend
Bill Johnson - William Joseph Green Johnson
Boy Johnson - Asa Johnson
Samantha - Samantha Johnson (first wife of Asa Johnson)
Baby Johnson - Asa and Samantha's baby
Jim Buck Waldrope
Mary Reeves
Babe Johnson - Thomas Gidon Johnson
Becky Johnson - Rebecca Stribling Johnson
Mandy Townsend
Melinda Cardell
Temple Friend
Becky's Baby - Babe and Becky Johnson's baby
John Johnson
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