Contributed by G. L. Tucker
I received this picture of Ginevra Madie "Gin" Wood from G.L. Tucker, so thought I’d add it together with the description
of the rock drawing behind her, and how it was made in 1901.  Enjoy…

“The picture of Grandma Gililland was taken in Lava Gap in the San Andres under a chiseled out carving of a horse and
a man in the rock bluff by Maude Dillard a girl 13 years old. She was the daughter of Baldy Russell an outlaw wanted in
Texas. He was camped at Olden at the West side of Lava Gap. She would ride her horse down the canyon and stand on
his back and with a hammer and chisel carve the picture. The part of the bluff in the picture broke off of the main bluff.
Baldy Russell's real name was William Mitchell. There is a book by C. L  Sonnichsen called "Outlaw on the dodge with
Baldy Russell, Maude married Sam Dillard and they lived in Tularosa until they died. They lived on Cortez close to
where I live.”