Cloma Jane and Joe McCarley
Married October 30, 2004

Joe and I met in December of 1960.  He was in the service with Tony, stationed at Fort
Lewis, Washington.  He and his wife Pat, Tony and I became good friends.  We were either
at their house or they were at our house after work or days off.  Being in the service, we
didn't have a lot of money, so the four of us did a lot of fishing.  They were from
Oceanside, California.
I was expecting Alynn at the time.  When it came time for her to be born, Joe and Pat took
us to the hospital.  They always had a special bond with her after that.  In fact, Joe was the
one I would ask what to do if I had a problem with Alynn.  He was from a family of ten, and
had been around little ones.  Alynn didn't stop us from going after she was born.  When
she was six weeks old, several couples of us walked to the ice caves at Mt. Rainier.  Joe
was the one that carried her most of the way.  Joe says Alynn was the one that got us
through the service years.
After the service, Joe and Pat continued to come to New Mexico to see us.  They loved to
travel and would make our place one of their stops.  We were always glad to see them.  
Tony wouldn't go to California to see them because of the traffic, and he didn't care about
traveling.  We kept a close relationship all of these years.
In January 2003 Joe lost Pat to cancer.  After she passed away, Joe came to see us a
couple more times.  A month before Tony passed away, he wanted Joe to take him to the
mountains so he could show Joe the mountains that he was raised in.  They spent the
whole day roaming the mountains.  They had such a good time.  Tony passed away June
12, 2004.
Joe came back to Tularosa June 5, 2005 to check on me, and to my retirement party.  We
decided it would be better to be together than to live a life by ourselves.  We have had a
year of fun and travel.  We got married October 30, 2005.
Joe has one son, Richard.  I finally have a son after all these years.  Now Joe has two
daughters and six grandchildren.  We had all of our kids together at Christmas time.  It
was one good time.  The girls told Richard they were going to show him what it was like
having "sisters" to share with.  The did!!! God has bless me with two good men.