A fitting memorial to the late Roy E. Tucker, Sr. was given this past weekend
when the Otero County Junior Rodeo Association dedicated its rodeo to him.  During
the invocation and dedication ceremony, Miss Pam Mitchell of Tularosa,
read the following poem in Tucker's memory.  The poem was written by
Mrs. Dave (Geneva) Mitchell, after she heard of Roy's death on March 31.

"Lord, we sent you a cowboy this week, he lived like a cowboy lives and
died like a cowboy dies.  So Lord, find a job for him that a cowboy would enjoy.
It's alright if it's a tough job, Lord, cause he never asked for an easy job.  Be sure
there are friends around him, Lord, he enjoys his friends and he has many
there as well as here.  Make it a job where he can use his hands
as well as his head, he never liked to be idle.  If possible, Lord, maybe You have
stock to see too, he'd enjoy that; whatever You have for him to do, Lord,
just let him know.  He's a willing worker.  We hate to lose him, but You
must have a more important task in store for him.  We turn him over to You
proudly, he was a credit here on earth, and will make you proud too.  Just
treat him like a country boy, he was one of the best".

Roy's life here on earth is ended, but he will not be forgotten by those who knew
and loved him.